Beading is just one of many creative processes I love to indulge in, however it seems I always put it on the back-burner; I tend to work harder at restocking existing product lines rather than taking the time to really sit and work on creating new things!

However, I spent some quality time with my beads recently and pumped out a few new items in the way of stacking charm bracelets.  Once I get started there's no stopping me!

These new elasticised charm bracelets are created using semi-precious gemstone beads such as turquoise, howlett, jade, ruby, jasper and the like, and they're finished off with metal charms. 

In some cases I'll make some matching earrings to pair with these bracelets.  How do you like my Gothic Bling set?  Obviously they're made to match the bracelet featuring the same black dyed jade and ruby gemstone beads...

A bit alternative I know, but I'm sure someone out there will love them!  I think I must have a rebellious streak in me somewhere!

As the term 'stacking' implies, you can wear any number of these bracelets together at the same time and they sit beautifully alongside each other on your arm without tangling.  Wear just one, or wear a whole bunch!

So, if you just love charm bracelets and earrings, be sure to keep an eye on the Beaded Treasures category of our Creations Store for new releases.  The ones you see in this post are already listed in the Bracelets and Earrings sections of our Jewellery collection if you are interested.  Just follow the links!