I love this time of the year when I get to put the usual soap designs aside and create something new for our Limited Edition Christmas Collections...it's fun and exciting right?!

Well...there are days where I feel like I've skipped merrily through a lovely field of flowers and discovered a beautiful rainbow at journey's end...and then there are days like today where I've plunged headlong into a mine field and narrowly avoided a nuclear disaster!

A simple soap was planned...but something just short of a miracle was performed...considering the soap batter set up on me instantaneously, then after whipping it into submission with an egg whisk and hopefully getting a decent swirl into it, I managed to get it into the mould and ready for the topping.

Phew! Easy peasy from here right?!

Sure would have been if I didn't lose the piping nozzle out of a full bag of soap not just once but twice!

And my reward for my patience and perseverance? A lovely burn to the face from the raw soap that managed to be inadvertently flicked there without my knowledge during my soaping frenzy!

Gotta love good soaping days!  ;)