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PKM Creations was born from my desire to create and share beautifully handcrafted products that are luxurious yet practical.  Creating something unique from a simple idea and plan has always been a challenge I have thrived on whether it was through my numerous samplings in many different creative fields, or through my work as the leader of a community and teaching principal at a small primary school.

PKM Creations has offered me an exciting change in direction following my retirement from a career which spanned fifteen years.  My full-time position as a teaching principal allowed very little time for creative pastimes which has always been a true passion.  However, I now have my creations as my full-time focus, and I am loving every minute of it!

I have always enjoyed creating using many different forms of media and when possible, I would take the opportunity to explore a range of creative crafts in my spare time.    

Beading is a very new pastime for me however it is one I am enjoying immensely.  I have, in the past, dabbled in candle making and have only recently rekindled my interest in this field as I've begun to use natural soy and sustainable palm waxes, and some very potent and enticing fragrances.

Patchwork and applique creations have been my focus for quite a number of years now and is something I always return to.  I also love to knit and crotchet (something my mother taught me as a child) and engage in cross stitch, tapestry and latch hook (the vices my mother-in-law has encouraged over recent years!).  My most recent interest is in the art of soap making, and the production of bath and body products using nature's finest ingredients.  This is a truly creative endeavour and I simply love the fact that my new creations are put to good use everydayMy skills in all of these areas have prompted me to create numerous gifts for family members over the years from milestone birthday and anniversary patchwork quilts, cross-stitch and latch hook wall-hangings and knitted scarves to pamper packages containing a year's supply of handmade soap and fragrant candles!

PKM Creations is a family-owned and operated business and while it is currently, in essence, a one-woman enterprise, I do have input, contributions and assistance from my wonderful husband and extended family members.  I am very grateful for the advice, support and encouragement given by those closest to me. 

This website is a work in progress and my way of sharing with you my recent explorations and experimentations. 

Through my online store, it is my hope to share with you my love of creative crafts, and many unique creations I hope you will use, enjoy and treasure.

Thank you for visiting my site and sharing my passion for creation.


~ Pauline  Moore~

Pauline Moore ~ PKM Creations
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