Hand-Stitched Heirlooms

Remember those visits to Grandma's house where you would always find an array of her handmade decor items such as crocheted doilies, knitted and crocheted rugs and patchwork quilts all around the house?

At PKM Creations we have endeavoured to carry on the tradition of handcrafting, just like our grandmas did, using the skills that were often taught to us by our talented grandmothers and mothers alike.

Nothing quite beats the uniqueness and quality of a handmade gift.  Artisans weave a great amount of time, care, energy and creativity into producing what are often 'one off' pieces that can be both practical and decorative.

Handmade pieces bring a particular ambiance to a room and lend themselves particularly well to decor which is considered to be vintage, shabby chic and retro in nature.

Our Hand-Stitched Heirlooms are unique handcrafted pieces created through the employment of a range of skills from crochet to applique, patchwork and quilting.

They are hand-stitched with love and humbly gifted from our hands to yours.

Hand-Stitched Heirlooms
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