We love hearing about our customers' experiences with PKM Creations products.  Here's what some of our customers are saying:

Ever since we first tried PKM soaps the kids and I don't use anything else! I have never used such smooth and scented soaps. The whole bathroom smells gorgeous after someone has a shower. Huge congratulations on your continuing success.

~ Michelle, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

My favourite candle is Zen Garden. I love the everlasting fragrance and before I moved back to New Zealand from Queensland I made sure I stocked up on it and a few other PKM candles so I can always have a lovely scent wafting through my home.

 ~ Rowena, Bluff, New Zealand

Love, love, love PKM Creations. The array of scents is divine and the many products available for presentation are beautiful. We have Blue Pacific soap that was inspired from this wonderful location. Use candle and melts in Reception they are truly beautiful. They make awesome gifts.

 ~ Cath, Comfort Resort Blue Pacific, Blacks Beach, Queensland, Australia

My friend absolutely loves the soap tree I bought from here.

~ Chris, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

Amazing products with outstanding scents. Wonderful customer service too. So glad I found this little shop as I was passing through Ayr, and even happier that I can order online and not have to wait till the next road trip :) Big thumbs up. Thank you!

~ Jonelle, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

The soap and candles smell divine.

~ Suzanne, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

The soaps are amazing...but the candles are the best I've ever smelt! I strongly recommend to anyone these products!

~ Vikki, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
Goats oats is my staple :) I always buy these as my go to gifts.

~ Lisa, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

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