About Our Handmade Soap 

The cold process method of making soap relies on the saponification of fats and oils, and a base.  The base is a solution of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and water (or other liquid such as goat's milk) and when mixed together create a lye solution.  When combined with the fats and oils, lye causes a reaction known as saponification.  While sodium hydroxide in its raw form is caustic, the saponification process renders this product harmless.  In fact, despite the many myths, soap cannot be made from scratch without the use of sodium hydroxide. 

Did you know that all Australian soapmakers who market and sell their products are required to adhere to particular Government regulations which regulate the use of industrial chemicals such as sodium hydroxide?  Soapmakers are required by law to be registered with the National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and are also required to ensure that soap and cosmetic product labels provide a complete listing of all ingredients used to produce the product.  You can find our NICNAS Registration number on the 'Contact Us' page.

When selecting a handmade bath or body product, please be sure to consider the list of ingredients before purchasing to ensure you are choosing a product that is right for you.  Some bath and body treats may contain wheat-based and dairy products while others may contain botanical or cosmetic additives.  All additives and fragrances used in our products are of cosmetic grade, and essential and fragrance oils are used to recommended quantities and specifications.  However if at any time you experience any irritation or discomfort when using any of our products, please discontinue use immediately.

As all of our soap is handmade and hand cut, the sizes and weights of individual bars naturally vary from bar to bar.  The net weight of PKM Creation's soap bars is between 120g and 150g unless otherwise specified on individual listings.  Each bar is cured for a minimum of four weeks then individually hand wrapped to seal in its freshness and to ensure a strong fragrance is maintained.  We recommend that soaps remain sealed until you are ready to use them and that they are used within twelve months from their purchase date.  As we do not use preservatives in our handmade soap, it is recommended that bars are used as soon as possible to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the natural ingredients used to create the product.  Some oils, particularly olive oil, have a tendency to turn rancid if stored for an extended period of time.  While some of our body treats do contain a particular amount of preservative, again it is recommended these be used within the suggested period to ensure their freshness and quality is maintained, and that your skin reaps the full benefit of their use.

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